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Students at Kearsley Academy secure improvements with GCSE results by 12%

24th Aug 2017

Students at Kearsley Academy secure improvements with GCSE results by 12%

Students at Kearsley Academy, have secured a good level of improvement from last year with its GCSE results.

The academy achieved an improvement in number of good passes this year in English and Maths, as the new marking system for awarding grades in these two subjects was used for the first time.

42% of students overall achieved a standard pass in English and Maths, which represents an improvement of 12% on last year's equivalent passes at grades A*-C.

English results have improved by 8% and Maths by 9%.

There were once again some fantastic individual successes:

Mia Aspinall (5 A*s, 3 As, 2 Bs, 2 Cs)

Dougal McDermott (3 A*s, 4 As, 1 B, 3 Cs)

Hope Fitton (5 As, 2 Bs, 4 Cs)

Ellie Greenwood (1 A*, 2 As, 2 Bs, 5 Cs)

Beth Greenall (1 A*,2 As, 6 Bs, 4 Cs)

Chloe Mellor (1 A*,1 A, 8 Cs)

Aaron Chambers (1 A*,1 A, 2 Bs, 5 Cs)

Rhys Ashton (3 As, 7 Cs)

Jodie Fitzpatrick (2 As, 8 Cs)

Chopra Tarandeep (2 As, 7 Cs)

Abilgail Holden (1 A, 2 Bs, 7 Cs)

Caitlin Howarth-Dickens (3 Bs, 7 Cs)

Tinisha Rankin (1 A, 10 Cs)

Samual Jones (1 B, 8 Cs)

Kian Rowland (1 A, 1 B, 6 Cs)

Commenting on this year's results, Gavin Salvesen-Sawh, Executive Principal, wished to thank his teaching & support staff and importantly the students for the dedication and commitment they have shown. He said: "Members of staff have 'moved mountains' in enabling our young people to progress from the results of last year. There are some fantastic departmental and individual student results to celebrate. I am also especially pleased with how we have significantly reduced the gap between Pupil Premium students and other students- this is real progress.

The growing and developing success of Kearsley Academy is 'key' to our future. The improvements in English and Maths are encouraging. Our results this year are a 'stepping stone' going forward, which gives our whole Academy belief that all young people can achieve. Next year we will do even better with the new Year 11, who are already making great strides forward."

Notes to Parents/Carers:

  • This year, the old way of marking where students are awarded a certain number of A*to G grades, has been replaced in English and Maths by a 1 to 9 scale where 9 is awarded to the very highest performing students. The first new exams for GCSE Maths and English have been introduced this summer, while the new GCSE Science courses will be examined for the first time in summer 2018, as well as in a number of other subjects.

Schools/Academies are judged on four main measures:

  • The proportion of young people achieving good passes in English and Maths combined - which has also been referred to as "The Basics"
  • Attainment 8 - how well the students perform across eight subjects
  • Progress 8 - how well the students have progressed across these eight subjects from their starting points at Key Stage 2, when they leave Primary School
  • The proportion of young people achieving the EBacc - good passes in English, Maths, two Sciences, History or Geography and a Modern Foreign Language.