Kearsley Academy

Preparing for the future


Kearsley Academy is currently governed by an IEB.

Kearsley Academy-IEB Portfolioremitand overview

Portfolio Remit
Portfolio Holder Academy Leadership Team Link
Leadership and Management David Fann, Chair Suzanne Pountain (Principal)
Richard Bottomley (Acting Principal)
Teaching, Learning and Assessment Hilary D'Arcy
Professor David Hopkins
Mel Flynn (ALT Lead)
Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (Safeguarding) Sandra Arden Rav Singh (ALT Lead)
Achievement and Standards Tony Thorne Kim McKee (ALT Lead)
Primary Liaison and Transition Derek Burrows Mel Flynn (ALT Lead)
Finance David Fann Emma Higham (ALT Lead)

For further information about each of the IEB members business and financial interests and governance roles in other schools, please contact the Academy.

You can view our annual reports and accounts on the Northern Education Trust Website - here